Being a wedding photographer 

is my passion!

Wedding photographer

   .  Being a wedding photographer  is a passion for me  I always strive to make  your  wedding  the most special event in your life & we understand that every couple's needs are different.  I proud to be a great wedding photographer , which came from years of learning my art form . You will be in good hands when you hire me.

We provide individual  wedding photography  packages to fit everyone's style and themes that convey you. I have written several booklets on wedding tips click on the link and sign up for my free booklets to help you on your way to a perfect wedding.                                          10 wedding insider Secrets

We produce individual  wedding photography  packages for each client, by taking the time and meeting in person before the wedding to find out what you want as a couple. Our service gives you many options, from a simple photo shoot to a total  wedding photography  package including engagement service and Bridal shoots, we'll make your dreams come true. Your photos will let you share the wedding with family, friends and your children will look at them in wonder. We would be honored to capture your special day which will be shared for generations to come through the art of  wedding Photography   Please view  latest ,

 Weddings and Bridals 

I have been a wedding  photographer for over 35 yrs and have been published in the USA and South Americas. What does that mean to you, I am very good at what I do! I Cover all of Louisiana and the following cities Wedding photography Lafayette LA, Wedding photography  Baton rouge, LA & Wedding photography New Orleans.  My favorite  photography is wedding photography. Weddings are a very happy and special day, capturing those once in a life time moments that will only happen once is a very important job as a photographer. When I photograph a wedding I bring two cameras, 6 studio lights, two speed lights and two back drops knowing that I will produce beautiful work. When we shoot large weddings there are two photographers. We can also recommend make up artist, wedding planers, caterer and DJs. Video about David Roy Fulton Photography   Wedding video

Making the right choice for your wedding photographer is a important decision, we know you  will love our work and you will have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. We also do custom packages that include videos made into movies with titles and music overlay. Are you looking for something a little different and personalized, we would love to discuss it with the both of you to make sure that your wedding photography comes out magical!

When we photograph a wedding we do day of (wedding party getting ready), ceremony and reception. You will have our services for the whole day. After the wedding I will edited all the photos and you will receive them via a drop box and mailed to you on a flash drive. You keep all the photographs which will be between 800 to 1000 photos depending on how long the wedding will last.  We personalize your wedding to fit your themes and life style, we do not do cookie cutter weddings. We like setting up a meeting with both  of you to see if we are a match and at the same time I will do a free photo shoot wither you hire me or not. We are here to help you with are 40 yrs of  experience to make sure your wedding is less stressful and comes out perfect that conveys YOU! 

Thank you for visiting my home page and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me 

Basic package $700.00

You will receive 4 hrs of coverage. All photos will be edited for color balance, brightness and contrast.

All photographs will be put onto a flash drive and mailed to you!

Bronze Package:  $2000.00 Includes:  Photographing your Wedding and Reception
You will receive 800 to 1000 photos. Pick out your favorites and I’ll edit them for you.
All photos will be sent to you on a flash drive.

Silver Package:  $2500.00 - Includes:Bridal shoot and 1 16 x 20 inch  print.
Wedding and Reception photos.
Photo package  , pick out your favorites and I’ll edit them for you.
800 to 1000 photos sent to you on a flash drive.

Gold Package:  $3500.00 - Includes: Engagement shoot, Bridal shoot and a 16 x 20 inch canvas 

wrap print.
Day of shoot (Bride getting ready)
Wedding and Reception photos.
Photo package for you and your  family members.
Wedding album & video of Wedding and Reception.
800 to 1000 photos sent to you on a flash drive.

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